Balance Within Yoga, Surf and Fitness Retreat Nov. 2nd-9th 2019

Join Peggy Klauer and Brian LeFeve for the Balance Within Retreat at the stunning Villa Zona Azul in Nosara, Costa Rica with a private path to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with its beautiful white sand and consistent surf break, is one of Costa Rica’s most favored surfing beaches.

Book your ticket, pack your bags… let us do the rest for your traveling needs and nurture yourself for 6 days and 7 nights in paradise. Our lives are overwhelmed with technology, information and stimulation excesses, rapid social and cultural shifts, and a sense of being adrift and out-of-balance. In the midst of this, there seems to be a profound disconnect from our own true self.

You will leave this week with the wisdom of how to keep this balance in your day-to-day life – regardless of what is coming at you.


We Invite You to join us at Villa Zona Azul and experience:

  • Private pathway leading to the beach

  • A warm gentle breeze that is always amidst

  • The constant sound of the ocean waves will lull you into a relaxed state

  • The aroma of the tropical flowers will arouse your senses

  • A location that is one with nature will awaken your senses and calm your soul

  • The energy of awareness and SLOWING down is the essence of Nosara

  • An energy that flows with the natural rhythm of the higher-self

  • Being fully present in a state of self-love is a gift of pure happiness that will bring healing and balance to your life


We provide a variety of practices:

  • Yoga

  • Reiki – 1 Reiki healing session included in the package

  • Meditation

  • Chanting

  • Learn how to work with subtle energy

  • Breath-work

  • Journaling exercises

  • How to balance with the moon cycles, seasons, and 24-hour rhythm of a day

  • Biohacking

  • Paddle-boarding

  • Snorkeling

  • 3 – 101 Surf Lessons

  • Massage – 1 massage included in the package

  • 3 – Beach Primal Workouts


You will have an abundance of daily free time and all workshops are optional. If you feel you need to skip out on anything we understand and encourage it!

Our retreat is beautifully designed to encourage slowing down, having fun, eating and sleeping well, connecting deeply with nature and most importantly connecting with who we truly are.

Click here for more info and to book. Feel free to call me with any questions (586) 359 6951    

Annual Hatteras, NC Kiteboarding Trip March 30 st - April 6th 2019

Great Lakes Kiteboarding Week

The Tradition Continues


GLK will be doing its annual Kiteboarding trip March 30st - April 6th 2019


Last year was an absolute blast! Our group logged many miles of epic downwinders on the ocean side and sound side. Our ocean side downwinders were pretty sick because we would ride right to our house, grab and beer and jump right into the hot tub....then we would do it again!


The GLK Hatteras trip gets better and better every year mainly because of the diverse group of people who all have one incredible addiction...Kiteboarding! 


The Outer Banks' (OBX) Hatteras Island is a watermans paradise. It's the perfect place for all water sports, especially kiteboarding. The wind and weather conditions are ideal for windsurfing, surfing, and SUP surfing. These options along with hiking, kayaking, world class charter fishing, shipwreck diving, swimming and sunbathing, are among the many reasons GLK organizes this trip year after year. 

Click here for complete details .............. https://www.greatlakeskiteboarding.com/vacations




St. Clair Shores Shop


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Suite B

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Tawas Point State Park


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