Foil boarding has taken off literally! The feeling of hovering or levitating 3 feet above the water silently, is no doubt one of the biggest rushes you will ever experience! There are many disciplines to foiling. Kitefoiling, Windfoiling, Wakefoiling, SUP Surf Foiling and Surf Foiling. But trying to foil in any of these disciplines without learning to foil behind a boat or jetski can be frustrating, challenging and take days or weeks to figure out. Our system simplifies and accelerates you’re learning curve by focusing only on the board skills.


Once you learn foiling, then taking that to any discipline is much easier and safer! The right introduction to foilboarding is crucial to your progression. Once you managed to foil for a few meters , THIS IS IT !!! Your muscle memory will be in place and you can start reproducing the same movement comfortably on your own in any discipline!


We have spent hours and hours learning and testing different manufacturer’s foil’s. Which means we will be utilizing different foils to learn on and be able to get you on the right foilboard for whichever discipline you choose! 


Foil Clinic Off Our Boat:


-$125 for 2 hour semi private lesson. (2 riders switching every 15 min to allow for rest and technical observation of other rider). 

- Boat equipped with different levels of foilboards, foils and mast sizes from Slingshot, Naish and Go Foil.
- Fresh drinks & dry storage on board.
- Helmet, impact vest, full wetsuit included.
- We can record your first rides with your phone or camera.


Private lessons available with our boat or yours!

Call 586 359 6951 to book your foil lesson today!

 Kitefoil, Wakefoil, Windfoil and Supfoil lessons available. Call with questions 586 359~6951

Team Rider Ed Adams on the Slingshot H2 foil and Alien air deck.

Owner Brian LeFeve Windfoiling with the Slingshot Dialer 145 and FW1 Foil. Lexington Michigan.

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