We have designed the ultimate teaching program to make you a safe, confident and self-sufficient kiteboarder.


Boat Supported Kiteboarding Training 

       Great Lakes Kiteboarding was the first kiteboarding school in Michigan and one of the first 5 schools in the US....since 2002. We have been kiting the Great Lakes for over 20 years and developed the ultimate teaching programs to assure you will become a safe, self sufficient and confident kiteboarder.

     At GLK we believe in a more personalized service. Our camps limit up to 8 students with 4 professional instructors. It’s as close to a one on one lesson as you can get. GLK holds 2 & 3 day camps every week & weekend from June-Oct using the latest equipment for the ultimate learning experience.


We live and breathe kiteboarding - it’s our passion and it shows!

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   Great Lakes Kiteboarding School is the longest running school in Michigan and is regarded as one of the best Kiteboarding schools in the U.S. We have designed the ultimate teaching program to make you a safe, confident and self-sufficient kiteboarder. GLK has been teaching Kiteboarding for over 15 years. 


   We teach on the latest Slingshot kites and Slingshot boards for the ultimate learning experience. When you sign up for any camp, lesson or advance lesson with GLK and there is no wind, we simply re-schedule. If your private lesson is cut short due to the lack of wind, then we reschedule and make-up the rest of the training when there is wind. If you only get one day in on a 2 day camp then we totally make up the other day at either of our 2 locations (Lake St. Clair or Tawas). 


   Our camps are boat supported are limited to 8 students with 4 professional PASA certified instructors (2 students per instructor). GLK camps are given at our Tawas location. One of the best Kiteboarding spots in the U.S., Tawas can be ridden on any wind direction making this is an ultimate teaching location. The water is shallow and protected from waves and chop so you are learning in waist-deep water with a sandy bottom. And new for 2020 we will be teaching with 2 way radios and off our boat! Once the student is up and riding we will be following you by boat and communicating via 2 way radio. This way there is always communication with your professional Kite Instructor!


  ******If you decide to take a camp or private lesson from GLK we highly recommend purchasing or renting a trainer kite from us. Having the experience of a trainer kite handling a camp or lesson will speed up the progression of your training. Without this trainer kite experience, in a typical lesson, we will spend up to 2-2.5 hours learning on a trainer kite before going to the next step. We offer the Slingshot B-2 Trainer Kite for $119 and rent them for $40 for the week. The kite comes complete with bar, lines and an instructional DVD. GLK is looking forward to getting you started in this amazing sport so book your camp or private lesson today!


Summer / Fall 2020 Schedule Every Weekend (Sat-Sun) and Weekdays June through October. Call to sign up for classes 586 359 6951.


   GLK now offers advanced lessons to those looking to take their kiting to the next level. Whatever you're looking to accomplish, GLK has the knowledge, experience and determination to get you there. Whether it's throwing your first jump to back rolls, front rolls, S-bends, grabs, board offs, kite loops, surface handle passes and others.


KITE CAMP RATES ( Boat Supported)



***New 2 way radio communication 

***If you decide to buy gear ( before or after a lesson ) then we will apply $400 discount toward 

new kite gear package ( kite, bar, pump, board, harness and pfd )

Don't forget we will match any new kite package from any dealer in the US!!



     Private one-on-one lessons are also available on Lake St. Clair off our boat.


$399 (half day lesson 4-5 hrs)

$75 an hour

New Boat Kite Lesson Off The Islands Of 

Lake St. Clair

We are now offering Kite lessons and kite foil lesson's

out to Strawberry Island, Grass Island and other secret

spots in the middle of Lake St. Clair only accessible by boat! 

These are the best spot to learn and ride on 

Lake St. Clair. Flat shallow water and steady winds

makes this spot ideal to learn the sport of

Kiteboarding. And no crowds!! Once you are up and 

riding then we follow you with the boat helping you 

all the way with our new 2 way radio. Students progress

fast off the boat! 


$399 ( includes 2 way radio helmet, cold drinks

and dry storage and video or pic of you riding ) 

Call for info on Kite Foil lessons! 

All lessons include kite gear ( kite, bar, board,

harness, helmet and life jacket )

Schedule you lesson or camp at 586 359 6951

New Boat Taxi Excursions To Strawberry Island

Want to kite at the best spot on Lake St. Clair? We are now offering taxi rides to 

Strawberry Island. Flat, protected, steady clean winds. Can be ridden on almost

any wind direction. One of the most beautiful spots on Lake St. Clair. 

$75 ( includes pic or video of you riding )


Schedule your lesson, camp or taxi ride at



For more details about lodging and kite spots,

check out our school here: 


Great lakes Kiteboarding has been featured in interviews with Kiteboarder Magazine, 89X Radio and Fox News.

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