The Kahoona V3 is still the Delta kite to beat, delivering the perfect mix of freeride, new-school and wave riding performance. The V3 combines rock solid stability, smooth power delivery, endless depower and precise handling, making it the perfect kite for advancing your riding level, regardless of your preferred riding style. Freeriders who love the Kahoona for its surprising hang-time and great low end power will be blown away by the improvements we’ve been able to make to its high wind stability and low wind performance. When wave riding, the Kahoona V3 serves up its best attributes, combining incredible downwind drift, precise steering response and huge depower, whether you’re going down the line or being chased by the close out. The Kahoona V3 allows you to perform the latest unhooked new-school tricks. The effortless re-launch motivates you to learn new moves and gives supreme confidence to wave riders who simply have to be able to re-launch their kites before the next set comes in.

Best Used 2012 9.5 Kahuna Kite Only

$1,199.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price

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