Used 3x for demo
The “Cutthroat Trout” is Slater Trout’s signature 12’6″ racer. Named after the Cutthroat Trout fish, this board is battle tested and approved by the manchild himself. This board shares most of the characteristics from the “Whiplash” only scaled down. This racer is a great choice for the medium to larger paddlers. Easy to paddle and ready to conquer the elements.
Bottom rocker is a blended curve under the riders stance
Flat bottom with a 3/8″ of roll out to the rails
Flat bottom rolls softly into a Vee exit providing excellent release off the tail block in the flats and aides in riding swell while riding back off the tail
Rails are upright with soft edges providing a “slippery” release
Rails blend to a harder edge in the rear of the hull for top end release
Needle style nose outline forces the wide point in the outline at the balance point, enabling a closer to the body stroke for max power output.

Used Boardworks Infinity Cutthroat 12'6

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