The 2018 Naish Pivot is the kite that everyone loves. It boosts high, rip turns and you will always know where the kite is with out looking at it. 

Key Performance Characteristics

•Responsiveness Responsive - Initiates turn with little bar input 
•Turn Radius Narrow radius 
•Window Position Sits forward in the window 
•Wind Range Good wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 16-22mph wind 
•Relaunch Great Relaunch 
•Bar Pressure Medium Bar Pressure - Adjustable via wingtip settings 
•Power Per Size Rides bigger than the size on the bag. This kite flies best in the middle of its wind range 

Tech Specs

•Material Quad-Tex Canopy | The strongest material in the industry, proprietary to Naish 
•Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection Octopus internal strut connection system 
•Bridle Uses sliding rings with no moving parts 
•Wingtip Swept wingtip shape 
•Bonus Shark Teeth double QuadTex Trailing edge reduces weight on the trailing edge and adds strength. 

Th fourth generation of the Pivot has been upgraded with a few new construction features that make this the best kite that Naish has ever made. The addition of the proprietary QuadTex material to the Pivot has reduced the overall weight of the kite while increasing the durability and performance. The QuadTex retains the waxy “new kite” coating so the performance of the Pivot will feel the same on session 100 as it felt on session number 1. 

The Shark Teeth trailing edge construction makes it so the Pivot has almost no flutter. This jagged double layer QuadTex makes the trailing edge a lot more durable too. When a kite is laying on the ground the constant flutter of the kite in the wind creates a lot of wear and tear on the leading edge. With the Shark Teeth panel lay out, the trailing edge is protected from this material break down and the trailing edge of the kite will remain ridged for the life of the kite. Previously they used heavy duty Dacron that made the kite feel heavy and more prone to backstall. This has been negated with the Shark Teeth QuadTex double layer trailing edge. 

In the words of Robby Naish, “You always know where the Pivot is while you are flying it. You never get lost and wonder where your kite is while you are boosting or riding a wave.” This positive bar feel instantly builds confidence. When you boost the Pivot not only do you go really big really fast, but you can control the kite while you are in the air and feel your way into a soft landing. This riding feature is also nice for wave riding and beginners when you are not always watching your kite. 

The name of the Pivot was perfect for what they were trying to accomplish. They wanted a kite that turned on it’s access with out loosing power or stalling. The nailed it with the Pivot as it is responsive and can easily change direction with power and consistency through the entire turn. This feature lets you precisely place the kite in different spots in the wind window. 

The two things that the Naish Pivot does well is rip in the surf and boost big airs! The kite’s ability to turn on a narrow axis makes it easy to maintain board speed through turns and really lay into hacks when you change directions. The Pivot offers a lot power at your fingertips by sheeting in and out so you can dump power when you’re on waves or setting up for a big air. Sheet in and you are reconnected to the wave or sending it BIG! 

Naish 2018 9m Pivot (used 1x) Kite Only

$1,295.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price

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