The Tiff is our take on a more sophisticated flat water board. We shaved off one inch in width from the YellowTail shape and gave it a diamond tail. We also added a bit of thickness in order to “pop” the board out of the water a bit more. All things considered, this is a board that will give you more glide once you have your form and balance down – and its buoyancy will still let you play around and bring a passenger along.

The diamond tail and the Futures fin setup respond like a charm while surfing waves and its volume lets you exercise, do Yoga, Pilates, or any other physical activity on the Tiff.

As it is tradition with Tuga boards, all of our boards use 100% real bamboo. This is a natural way to reinforce our decks while making our boards more environmentally friendly, as we get to replace a layer of synthetic fibreglass with a natural component. For the Tiff, our design team decided to go the natural bamboo tone – which goes really well with the teal, white and light grey.

Tuga Tiff 10'6 x 31

$1,099.00 Regular Price
$849.00Sale Price

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